Providing Everything You Need

Business Meeting


In our industry there is usually more than one solution to a problem, our industry experts consult with our clients as the first step of our process so we know the solutions we provide are the best fit for their business, we start off understanding the basic needs of your business and asses all the available options and give our clients a choice of what we believe are the best solutions to their unique challenges.

After Sales Service

When you purchase a printer from Matrix it is only the beginning of journey with us.

Depending on what solution you chose the requirements of after sales services changes and for each of our products we have a pre-defined path to follow to ensure that your new printer reaches its maximum potential.

Done Deal
Modern Office

Full Service Customer Portal

We developed an industry first customer portal where our clients can easily manage their relationship with Matrix printers.

You can access our portal on Desktops and Mobile devices and preform a wide range of tasks with out ever needing to wait for sales staff respond.